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Gas Fireplace Repair in Bend, Sunriver, Redmond, Sisters & other surrounding Central Oregon Locations

You and your family love gathering around the glowing fireplace on those cold winter nights as it fills your home with warmth. An amazing centerpiece in your home or office, your fireplace is something that draws the eye and helps to truly define your space. A Kleene Sweep Chimney Service provides you with comprehensive fireplace services in Central OR. Whether you need to buy, install, maintain, or repair we are here to help.

A fireplace must be properly maintained, if it is going to add value to your property. This maintenance is also important for your safety and the security of your building; as malfunctioning or dirty fireplaces can create fire and smoke hazards. No matter what type of service you require, our team will be there to perform it for you.

Our Service Includes:

Standard & Gas Fireplace Repairs

Your fireplace needs to be functioning properly to ensure there is no risk to you and your home. This is especially true with gas fireplaces, since they can end up leaking gas if not properly maintained. Luckily, our team is there to provide all of the repair and maintenance services you need to keep your fireplace looking good and working even better.

The chimney to your fireplace also requires regular up keep. Why? Because it is the ventilation system that actually removes the smoke, toxins, and dangerous fumes from your home. When left untouched, your chimney will begin to build up a residue that will reduce its efficiency, which is not good for your home. However, with our repair and maintenance services,  you can rest easy knowing that every part of your fireplace and chimney system is working just like it should.

Our Services Include:

• Sales & Service • Installations • Hearth Accessory Sales • Restorations • Conversions (Wood to Gas) • Remodeling • Indoor/Outdoor Log Sets • Chimney Cleaning • Dryer Vent Cleaning & Inspections


Contact us to schedule an appointment for any fireplace services you require. We are ready to provide sales, service, and installations to customers located throughout the Central Oregon area.